Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Milwaukee

Milwaukee Guild Ratifies MOA

September 2017 – Members of the Milwaukee Guild ratified a Memorandum of Agreement in July that permits the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS) to use content generated by a suburban weekly, Community News (CN), and awards union representation of CN employees to the Guild. Prior to the agreement, CN employees were not represented by a union. Continue reading “Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Milwaukee”

Workers at M+R Vote to Unionize

Sept.  21, 2017 – Workers at M+R Strategic Services had hoped the company would voluntarily recognize their union, but when the consulting company refused, they persisted. On Sept. 20, ballots were counted and the results were strong: The employees voted 36-26 in favor of joining the Washington-Baltimore News Guild. Continue reading “Workers at M+R Vote to Unionize”

Guild Conference Calls for Action

Aug. 21, 2017 – With President Trump’s attacks on journalists as a backdrop, the Guild’s August conference took on a sense of urgency. Delegates discussed the best ways to respond, approved a resolution to Defend the Right to Report, and urged its adoption by the CWA convention that followed. Continue reading “Guild Conference Calls for Action”

Support the Staff of The Real News Network in Quest for Union Recognition

July 25, 2017 – Staff of The Real News Network is seeking support in their quest for voluntary recognition of their union, the Washington-Baltimore Local of the NewsGuild-CWA. The organizing effort continues a recent trend of unionization by workers in digital media. Click here to sign a petition to CEO Paul Jay.

Continue reading “Support the Staff of The Real News Network in Quest for Union Recognition”