The Newspaper Guild International Pension Plan (“IPP” and “the Plan”) is a defined benefit retirement plan established by the Guild in 1977 to provide monthly pension benefits for thousands of NewsGuild members throughout their retirement.  Guild employers contribute to the Plan based on contribution rates established through collective bargaining.  Benefits accrue based on years of covered service and contribution rates.

A joint union-management Board of Trustees that includes the Guild’s top elected officers oversees the Plan.  Investment professionals prudently invest plan assets to protect the plan’s long-term security and participants’ lifetime retirement benefits.

The IPP’s future is bright.  The Plan expects to soon receive millions of dollars of special financial assistance from the federal government to ensure that plan benefits are fully funded for decades to come.  Guild members who participate in the IPP are actively accruing new benefits.  The former Adjustable Pension Plan (APP) recently merged into the Plan and all APP accrued benefits will be paid out of the IPP – including retroactively increased benefit accruals for active participants at the time of the merger.

Workers can now bargain to include a strong defined benefit plan into their Guild contracts and the IPP is a great option. The IPP Trustees have taken action to minimize financial risk to contributing employers in the future.

The IPP finalized their 2023 Summary Plan Description (SPD) which can be found here.  The SPD contains information that generally applies to any participants who separate from employment covered by the Plan on or after January 1, 2023.  The Fund will be mailing the final SPD booklets to our participants soon.

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The Newspaper Guild International Pension Fund
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The Board of Trustees:

Guild Trustees: Jon Schleuss, Marian Needham and Carol Rothman
Employer Trustees: Timothy J. Kelleher, Missy Miller and Marshall Anstandig