Newsletter: Some Guild campaigns need your support 

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I attended the Austin NewsGuild’s negotiating session last week via Zoom, where the bargaining committee presented their economics proposals.

I was so proud of the committee and the amazing journalists who gave testimonials. In true Gannett fashion, the management representatives expressed empathy and appreciation for the speakers, but after a 40-minute caucus, returned empty-handed.

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U.S. Capitol

America’s journalists want Congress to prioritize saving jobs, not hedge funds 

The NewsGuild-CWA is calling on members of Congress to improve the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act so that it protects local journalists and strengthens local reporting. The bill was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning and now heads to the Senate floor for a vote.

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San Francisco Chronicle Guild members fight management antics

Members of the San Francisco Chronicle Guild have been busy fighting management antics this month while bargaining for a new contract.

They found a nice new spot for their contractually guaranteed Guild bulletin board after the company remodeled the newsroom, but in mid-September management moved the board to a less visible location.

Management also removed Chronicle Guild flags, which staffers had planted with the office’s fake greenery.

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Verso Guild members ratify first contract

Verso Books’ U.S. staffers ratified their first contract on Wednesday, 16 months after they began negotiating. The decision was unanimous, with all 14 members voting in favor.

That’s a marked turnaround from August, when workers rejected management’s proposed contract by a vote of 14-1.

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Workers at NY Times, NBC digital defy management’s return-to-office push

Nearly 1,300 employees of the New York Times vowed to work from home this week, in defiance of management “expectations” that they would return to the office. Management notified workers that they were expected to return to the office at least three days per week, beginning on Monday, Sept. 12.

On Tuesday, the Times employees were joined by more than 200 members of the NBC Guild.

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500+ Condé Nast staffers win union recognition

Condé Nast workers scored a major victory on Friday, as more than 500 staffers at a dozen publications secured voluntary recognition of Condé Nast Union.

The new company-wide union win means that every Condé Nast publication is union. The Condé Nast Union covers full- and part-time editorial, video and production workers at Allure, Architectural Digest, Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler, Epicurious, Glamour, GQ, Self, Teen Vogue, them., Vanity Fair and Vogue, as well as Condé Nast Entertainment. It also includes more than 100 subcontracted employees who work for a third-party staffing agency.

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Everett journalists vote unanimously: Union

The journalists of the Everett Herald voted unanimously on Thursday to form the Everett NewsGuild.

“Today the newsroom workers at @EverettHerald voted 19-0 to unionize. We will now have a true say in our working conditions,” they tweeted immediately after the vote count.

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NewsGuild members protest Gannett CEO Mike Reed outside NYC conference

A contingent of NewsGuild of New York members protested Gannett CEO Mike Reed outside a Citi technology conference in New York City on Friday, blasting the nation’s biggest news chain for laying off more than 400 employees while spending lavishly on executive compensation and stock buybacks. All this, despite the fact that the company received $16 million in taxpayer subsidies from the Paycheck Protection Program.

At the end of the protest, Reed came outside to talk to the union members. He said he was committed to settling contracts with NewsGuild units by the end of the year and that workers can hold him to it.

“We intend to do just that,” said Adrian Szkolar, a producer for the Atlantic Digital Optimization Team and vice chair of the Atlantic DOT Guild. Core NewsGuild demands include strong salary minimums, increased staffing, and a real commitment to improve diversity, equity and inclusion.

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