NYT Guild Tech Walkout: Let them vote!

After months of unlawful union-busting tactics by management of the New York Times, members of NYT Guild Tech staged a virtual walkout on Wednesday. Workers said they were protesting management’s continued unfair labor practices that seek to divide their union and prevent hundreds of workers from voting in an upcoming National Labor Relations Board vote on union representation. 

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Newsletter: Journalists under attack

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The last few weeks have been marred by serious attacks on democracy, press freedom and journalists at home and abroad.

We’re outraged by the Belarusian government’s use of a military aircraft to ground a civilian plane and arrest a journalist who was a passenger on the flight and by the Israeli government’s intentional bombing of offices housing the Associated Press and Al Jazeera. We’re also deeply disturbed by the arrest of an American journalist in Myanmar and the ongoing crackdown on the press there since a February coup. These brazen incidents reflect a troubling slide toward authoritarianism around the world.

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NewsGuild statement on Israeli government bombing of media organizations’ offices

The NewsGuild-CWA condemns the Israeli government’s attack on media organizations in Gaza in the strongest possible terms. The intentional bombing of offices housing the Associated Press and Al Jazeera was a blatant attack on press freedom that was clearly intended to prevent independent reporting on the government’s actions. It violates international law.

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Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative is forming a union

Update: April 16, 2021 – Management agreed to voluntarily recognize the Beacon Union, staffers announced today.

Staffers at Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative announced Wednesday that they have decided to form a union as part of the Minnesota Newspaper & Communications Guild.

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Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is unionizing

Update – April 30, 2021: The MNC Union announced April 30, 2021 that the union won the vote, writing, “Despite the delays, and the waste of MCN resources on an anti-union attorney, the votes are in and they’ve been counted: we now have a formally certified union!”

Workers at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits announced March 12 they a unionizing with the Minnesota Newspaper & Communications Guild, a local of The NewsGuild-CWA. The announcement came two days after they asked management of the organization to grant voluntary recognition during a biweekly staff meeting.

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Two wins in one day: Markup Union receives voluntary recognition

Oct. 16, 2020 – Staffers of The Markup, a nonprofit digital publication that covers the ethics and impact of technology on society, announced Friday that they have formed Markup Union. It was the second union victory of the day, following an overwhelming vote by the journalists of the Dallas Morning News and Al Día to form the Dallas News Guild. Continue reading “Two wins in one day: Markup Union receives voluntary recognition”