Pay Gaps Persist for Women, Minorities in Nation’s Newsrooms

Aug. 17, 2017 – Women and minorities earn less on average than their white, male counterparts at some of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers, according to analyses presented at a recent conference of The NewsGuild-CWA. Continue reading “Pay Gaps Persist for Women, Minorities in Nation’s Newsrooms”

Guild to WSJ: Yes, There is a Wage Gap

Mean Salary Among All Full-Time Male and Female Reporters. Click on image to enlarge.

July 12, 2017 – A year after it discovered significant pay disparities at the Wall Street Journal, Local 1096 has taken a closer look at the company’s pay practices — and still doesn’t like what it sees. The Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees (IAPE) found a gap between the rates of pay for men and women dating back to the year 2000, as well as between races and ethnicities. Continue reading “Guild to WSJ: Yes, There is a Wage Gap”

Boston Members Boycott Twitter

Managers at the Boston Herald got an unwelcome surprise after they suspended reporter Chris Villani — allegedly for violating the company’s social media policy. The 2013 policy, which requires reporters to get approval from the Executive Editor or his designee prior to tweeting breaking news, had never been enforced before. Continue reading “Boston Members Boycott Twitter”

When hedge funds own newspapers…

Just a week after the East Bay News staff was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for “relentless” coverage of the deadly Ghost Ship warehouse fire in Oakland, Digital First Media, owner of the Bay Area News Group, announced plans to move copy desk work to Southern California, triggering 20 more layoffs from a shrunken roster of 92 Guild-represented employees in the East Bay.


DFM, GateHouse Workers Target a Different Threat to Press Freedom — Asset-Stripping Hedge Fund Owners

Workers at the Trentonian paused to mark World Press Freedom Day.

Nearly 1,500 NewsGuild members in 28 bargaining units joined together on World Press Freedom Day to focus attention on an often-overlooked threat — the damage done to newspapers by profiteering hedge fund owners. Continue reading “DFM, GateHouse Workers Target a Different Threat to Press Freedom — Asset-Stripping Hedge Fund Owners”

Scrapping Copy Desk Risks Times’ Credibility

By Grant Glickson

The New York Times announcement that it would offer buyouts and eliminate editors prompted the response below from the president of The NewsGuild of New York.

NewsGuild of New York journalists have been continuously breaking news for months. The first on the scene in many national and international stories, our members have meticulously handed their respective news organizations scoops with potentially huge consequences for our democracy. Continue reading “Scrapping Copy Desk Risks Times’ Credibility”

Editorial Staff of Law360 Votes Overwhelmingly for Guild

Guild ready for ‘constructive dialogue’

Aug. 24, 2016 – A 92 percent majority of the editorial staff of legal news website Law360 voted for Guild representation in a government-run election on Wednesday, despite an intense three-week management anti-union campaign.

The Law360 staff of more than 130 reporters, editors, and news assistants and apprentices across the United States voted 109 to nine in favor of Guild representation in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. Law360, a fast-growing publisher of legal news and analysis, is owned by LexisNexis Group, a subsidiary of RELX Group.

Continue reading “Editorial Staff of Law360 Votes Overwhelmingly for Guild”