‘Employers pay a price for retaliation’

NLRB Files Complaint Against Sarasota Herald-Tribune

(June 7, 2017) There are consequences for companies – like the Sarasota Herald-Tribune – that retaliate against employees who vote to form a union.

That’s the significance of the decision by Region 12 of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to file a formal complaint against the Florida paper, says Tim Schick, administrative director of the NewsGuild-CWA. Continue reading “‘Employers pay a price for retaliation’”

NLRB Issues Complaint Against SOSi

Rules company illegally misclassified workers; engaged in retaliation

Following a lengthy investigation into more than a dozen charges of illegal activity, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a formal complaint on May 31 against SOS International, a federal contractor that provides language-interpreting services for immigration courts. Continue reading “NLRB Issues Complaint Against SOSi”

Editorial Staff of Law360 Votes Overwhelmingly for Guild

Guild ready for ‘constructive dialogue’

Aug. 24, 2016 – A 92 percent majority of the editorial staff of legal news website Law360 voted for Guild representation in a government-run election on Wednesday, despite an intense three-week management anti-union campaign.

The Law360 staff of more than 130 reporters, editors, and news assistants and apprentices across the United States voted 109 to nine in favor of Guild representation in an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. Law360, a fast-growing publisher of legal news and analysis, is owned by LexisNexis Group, a subsidiary of RELX Group.

Continue reading “Editorial Staff of Law360 Votes Overwhelmingly for Guild”