Newsletter: We’re sending 15 Guild members to Labor Notes — could you be one?

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We are sending 15 Guild members to Labor Notes 2022. The conference will be a great chance for you to meet other activists and leaders in the Guild and across the entire labor movement. It is extremely inspiring talking with workers from different industries about how they build power through collective actions and a democratic union. It’s set to run from June 17-19 in Rosemont, right outside Chicago. Many Guild members will be there and if you’d like help going, we’ll cover the flight, registration and hotel for 15 members. Complete this form by Monday, April 18.

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Newsletter: Meet the new Guild staffers

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Danielle Newsome

We’ve got two new staffers! I’m thrilled to announce them after a lot of work to make it happen. Danielle Newsome (she/her) joins us as a new staff representative, with a focus on the jobs that used to be part of the Guild’s director of collective bargaining. This comes after all of our discussions last year to increase capacity and provide more support to our locals. And while CWA still has a hiring freeze, this position was created after the passage of the SMART resolution at CWA’s October Convention. 

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Newsletter: Happy StrikeMás!

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First! We’ve got a couple job openings at the Guild international. The first is for a staff representative, who would play the role of director of collective bargaining. This position has been vacant since Melissa Nelson retired in 2018. This person would review contract language and be a clearinghouse for organizing the trends happening across the Guild’s collective bargaining program and keeping folks coordinated. It’ll be a huge asset to our locals, who have asked for more support.

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Sun-Times Purchase Could Be a Model for the Struggling Industry

Workers are ‘Flying High’

The regularly-scheduled meeting of the Chicago NewsGuild, held in President Grace Catania’s backyard, turned into an impromptu celebration when members learned the deal was closed.

“We’re flying high here,” said David Roeder, just days after the Chicago Sun-Times and the Reader were sold to an investment group led by former Alderman Edwin Eisendrath and the Chicago Federation of Labor. Roeder has been member of the Chicago News Guild for more than two decades and now serves as a consultant to the union.

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