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Danielle Newsome

We’ve got two new staffers! I’m thrilled to announce them after a lot of work to make it happen. Danielle Newsome (she/her) joins us as a new staff representative, with a focus on the jobs that used to be part of the Guild’s director of collective bargaining. This comes after all of our discussions last year to increase capacity and provide more support to our locals. And while CWA still has a hiring freeze, this position was created after the passage of the SMART resolution at CWA’s October Convention. 

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Saudis acknowledge death of Jamal Khashoggi at Saudi Arabia consulate

From the Rachel Maddow Show last night: Eric Swalwell was interviewed by Joy Reid on the murder of Khashoggi at Saudia Arabia consulate in Istanbul. 

We now know that the White House cancelled a congressional meeting that was planned to share American intelligence with Congress earlier this week. Swalwell is a member of the House Intelligence Committee. Swalwell called on the Saudis to return Khashoggi’s remains to his family and fiancé. He said Congress deserves more information. He said that the FBI should conduct an investigation using its legal attachés in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. He said there should also be a suspension of arms sales to the Saudis until this is resolved. 

Joy Reid pointed out that there are people in Washington on the right that our smearing Khashoggi and Swalwell pointed out that it may originate with the White House. (Personal note – I have seen attacks on the left questioning Khashoggi’s past as well.) 

Swalwell reminded viewers that President Trump had praised his congressional colleague Representative Richard Gianforte for “body slamming” a Guardian Reporter and Guild member last year. He pleaded guilty to assault. He reminded Joy that he introduced the Journalist Protection Act earlier this year to protect reporters and that others in congress are seeking ways to protect journalists. (The NewsGuild and CWA supports the Journalist Protection Act.) 

Meanwhile the Saudis continue to say that the killing of Khashoggi was an accident even though a team of 15 Saudis had arrived in Turkey prior to Khashoggi arriving at the consulate. They had a “forensics expert” among them who came with a bone saw. Intelligence chatter shows that Khashoggi was lured to the consulate where the Saudis had planned to “detain” him. 

Journalists continue to be harmed or threatened worldwide with impunity, but this case shows a direct state-sponsored murder of a reporter. 

Journalists Mark Press Freedom Day with Campaign for the ‘Right to Report’

Members of the NewsGuild-CWA marked World Press Freedom Day on May 3 by launching a campaign to protect the Right to Report. The union is asking all those who treasure freedom of the press to sign a petition and join the fight to protect this cherished right.

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As World Press Freedom Day Approaches, ‘Right to Report’ Campaign Takes Off

As World Press Freedom Day – May 3 – approaches, journalists are launching a campaign to protect the Right to Report, says NewsGuild-CWA President Bernie Lunzer. He is urging all those who treasure freedom of the press to sign a petition and join the fight to protect this treasured right.

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Union Pride at Dow Jones as Bargaining Enters Third Month

With T-shirts, bulletin boards and lots of solidarity photos on social media, Guild members at the Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones properties have been doing their all to support the IAPE bargaining team. Talks began in June. Wages are a key sticking point, with the union seeking to offset increases in employees’ share of health care costs. IAPE is asking for a 3.5 percent raise in the first year and 4.5 percent in the following two years, while Dow Jones hasn’t budged above 2 percent.

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