Delegates Say: Certified Interpreters and Translators Only


September 2017 – Delegates to The NewsGuild-CWA sector conference this summer endorsed a resolution declaring that only certified interpreters and translators should be utilized in our nation’s courts, hospitals and government institutions. Continue reading “Delegates Say: Certified Interpreters and Translators Only”

Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Utica

Utica Minimizes Impact

September 2017 – The Utica Guild entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in September that minimizes the impact of outsourcing copy editing and design work from the Observer Dispatch newsroom in New York to the GateHouse Center for News and Design (CND) in Austin, TX, effective Oct. 9. Continue reading “Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Utica”

13 Years After Vote to Unionize, Point Park Faculty Wins First Contract

Aug. 31, 2017 – More than 13 years after they began their quest for a union contract, full-time faculty at Point Park University in downtown Pittsburgh ratified an agreement by a vote of 96 to 6 on Aug. 28.

By all accounts, the result was worth the years of struggle. The full-time faculty won major improvements and built a solid foundation for the future.
Continue reading “13 Years After Vote to Unionize, Point Park Faculty Wins First Contract”

Guild Conference Calls for Action

Aug. 21, 2017 – With President Trump’s attacks on journalists as a backdrop, the Guild’s August conference took on a sense of urgency. Delegates discussed the best ways to respond, approved a resolution to Defend the Right to Report, and urged its adoption by the CWA convention that followed. Continue reading “Guild Conference Calls for Action”

Sun-Times Purchase Could Be a Model for the Struggling Industry

Workers are ‘Flying High’

The regularly-scheduled meeting of the Chicago NewsGuild, held in President Grace Catania’s backyard, turned into an impromptu celebration when members learned the deal was closed.

“We’re flying high here,” said David Roeder, just days after the Chicago Sun-Times and the Reader were sold to an investment group led by former Alderman Edwin Eisendrath and the Chicago Federation of Labor. Roeder has been member of the Chicago News Guild for more than two decades and now serves as a consultant to the union.

The sale to Eisendrath and the labor federation was a long shot. Continue reading “Sun-Times Purchase Could Be a Model for the Struggling Industry”

DoJ Contractor Wreaks Havoc on Immigration Courts; Spurs Guild Organizing Drive

SOSi employees and NewsGuild members brought word of their struggle to the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators in May.

Officials at the Department of Justice probably didn’t realize they were about to wreak havoc on federal immigration courts when they signed an exclusive contract for interpreting services with a new company in 2015.

And they certainly didn’t realize that signing the new agency — SOS International — would provide the impetus for a spirited union organizing campaign Continue reading “DoJ Contractor Wreaks Havoc on Immigration Courts; Spurs Guild Organizing Drive”

Reuters Members to Management: We’re Worth More

Now entering a third year without a contract, Thomson Reuters NewsGuild members have been mobilizing their co-workers and organizing job actions to demand that management come to the table and negotiate a contract that recognizes the contributions of the award-winning staff.

They have a very direct message: We’re worth more! Continue reading “Reuters Members to Management: We’re Worth More”

Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Buffalo

Guild members march through the office of The Buffalo News in an effort to win a fair deal.

Buffalo Wins First Raise in Seven Years

Members of the Guild at The Buffalo News ratified a new two-year contract in April that provides a much-needed boost in wages for the first time in seven years. The agreement also beat back several damaging proposals from management. Continue reading “Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Buffalo”

Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Erie

Erie Ratifies First Contract

Eighteen months after GateHouse Media purchased the Erie Times-News, members of the Guild voted overwhelmingly to ratify an agreement for an initial three-year contract. The Guild also resolved several unfair labor practice (ULP) charges the union had filed with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Continue reading “Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Erie”