Washington Post Workers Want a Raise from Billionaire Jeff Bezos

Sept. 29, 2017 – Nearly 100 members of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild (WBNG) and supporters walked a spirited informational picket line on Sept. 27 to demand a contract from Jeff Bezos, the billionaire owner of the Washington Post. Continue reading “Washington Post Workers Want a Raise from Billionaire Jeff Bezos”

Guild Members Stand Up for ‘Right to Report’


At an August campaign rally in Phoenix, President Trump said of journalists, ‘And they’re bad people. And I really think they don’t like our country.’

September 2017 – Members of The NewsGuild-CWA are continuing to stand up for reporters and press freedom through the Right to Report project, even as President Trump amps up his attacks on both.

The president’s war on the media gained steam throughout the summer, beginning with his decision to retweet a 28-second video that depicted him beating up CNN and ending with him questioning journalists’ patriotism at a 2020 campaign rally in Phoenix.

“Trump’s attacks on journalists are straight out of the authoritarian playbook,” said NewsGuild-CWA President Bernie Lunzer. “His goal is to delegitimize the press; distort the truth; deny the American people access to information, and distract from news he doesn’t like. Continue reading “Guild Members Stand Up for ‘Right to Report’”

Victory: Charges Dropped


Radio reporter Dan Heyman and his attorney, Tim DiPiero, on the night of his arrest.

September 2017 – Charges were dropped in September against a radio reporter who was arrested after he persisted in asking questions of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price in a hallway at the West Virginia Capitol. Continue reading “Victory: Charges Dropped”

Freelance Guild Photographer Roughed Up by Police


Anderson took the photo above before she was roughed up by police.

September 2017 – The Pacific News Media Guild is protesting the treatment of a freelance photographer and union member who was roughed up by police as she covered a protest outside a Berkeley City Council meeting in June. Continue reading “Freelance Guild Photographer Roughed Up by Police”

Why Are News Organizations Paying Women, Minorities Less?


AP reporter Jill Bleed comments during the question-and-answer session. Standing, Bill Baker, unit chairperson at the New York Times, waits to speak.

September 2017 – Study after study initiated by NewsGuild-CWA locals at some of the nation’s most prestigious newsrooms have reached the same conclusion: Women and minorities are getting paid less than their white, male counterparts. And it means every local has an obligation to request data from media employers about the gender, racial identity, disabilities and pay of employees as they prepare for contract negotiations, President Bernie Lunzer said. Continue reading “Why Are News Organizations Paying Women, Minorities Less?”

Missourians Upend State’s ‘Right-to-Work’ Plan

September 2017 – After failing to pass “right-to-work” bills for a decade, Missouri’s state legislature finally pushed through the famously anti-labor law in February.

But the working people of Missouri had something else in mind. Continue reading “Missourians Upend State’s ‘Right-to-Work’ Plan”

Chicago Sun-Times Purchase: A Model for a Struggling Industry?

September 2017 – A long shot paid off for the Chicago News Guild when an investment group led by former Alderman Edwin Eisendrath and the Chicago Federation of Labor bought the Chicago Sun-Times and the Reader in July. Continue reading “Chicago Sun-Times Purchase: A Model for a Struggling Industry?”