Guild with 29 other news groups calls for full investigation regarding journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi Arabia consulate in Istanbul on Oct. 2, never to be seen again. We fear that he was killed because he was critical of the Crown Prince. He was a regular contributor to the Washington Post, and was in self-imposed exile living in Virginia.

“The threat of violence, kidnapping or death to any journalist seeking the truth and reporting it is dangerous to freedom and democracy around the world,” from the letter. The Guild calls on all governments to investigate all killings of journalists such as the recent incident in Bulgaria, and so many incidents in nearby Mexico. Khashoggi Letter 10102018.

Virginia journalists gain voluntary recognition from Tronc and join The NewsGuild-CWA

Sept. 14, 2018 – Calling themselves the Tidewater Media Guild, over 100 newsroom employees at Tronc-owned publications The Virginian-Pilot, Daily Press, Virginia Gazette, and Tidewater Review in Virginia have won voluntary recognition. Together these publications account for the dominant media market in the southeastern Virginia region. Continue reading “Virginia journalists gain voluntary recognition from Tronc and join The NewsGuild-CWA”

International Trade Commission reverses, removes newsprint tariffs

With efforts made by many organizations, including a letter from CWA President Chris Shelton, the ITC removed newsprint tariffs that had been put in place by the Trump administration. The tariffs created significant pressure on publishers when they least need it. See story at:

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Lee threatens to close Missoula Independent if the union doesn’t agree to shed 3/4’s of the staff

Originally Lee Enterprises had threatened to shutter the paper if the employees organized a union. See this videos from KPAX, a major broadcaster in Western Montana, and a video from freelancer Dan Brooks at the link below, or attached to this brief. Continue reading “Lee threatens to close Missoula Independent if the union doesn’t agree to shed 3/4’s of the staff”

Human Rights Conference is reminder that union important in fighting for women, against racism

By Martha Waggoner, Guild International Chair

It’s more important than ever that workers who are harassed and discriminated on the job have unions to protect them and be their voice, say members of The NewsGuild-CWA who worked at the recent Human Rights Conference. Continue reading “Human Rights Conference is reminder that union important in fighting for women, against racism”

Mind the gap: Uncovering pay disparity in the newsroom

Aug. 23, 2018 – Excellent piece from The Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA) on gender pay disparities in newsrooms. Put together by several members of AAJA it primarily focuses on our union efforts in seven of our large locals. It appears that this fight for equal pay just won’t go away. These efforts should inspire every union local to request pay data and either analyze it themselves, or get help through The NewsGuild-CWA. There is also some information on non-union environments. Remember too that every journalists is welcome to join one of the journalist associations. They are all actively pursuing anti-discrimination efforts.

The NewsGuild-CWA statement on the president, August 16, 2018

Washington, DC, August 16, : Journalists are on the front lines in a war on freedom of the press because President Trump has taken every opportunity possible to impugn our craft, our mission, our publications – us. But he has gone beyond simply calling us names and discrediting us. Never one to know a limit, Trump’s hatred and disdain, and the way he expresses them, have become dangerous.

We have believed for some time that the president’s words will result in physical attacks on journalists. Words have consequences.

We are a community of serious journalists, constantly seeking truth and disclosing falsehoods. The president doesn’t share our goals and generally does everything he can not only to obscure the truth, but also to disparage the truth tellers.

We believe this atrocious behavior has to be seen for what it is – reckless and endangering.

The Boston Globe has called on fellow news organizations to speak out today. They think enough is enough. We do, too.

This is not a political statement based on disagreements. We like a good disagreement and strong discussion. Our words are harsh but they need to be.  They reflect the hatred that President Trump has fomented against us and our profession.

We will continue to cover the news related to this president and do so in an objective, fair way. But we cannot be silent when he has dubbed us “the enemy of the people,” a term used previously by dictators.

We want a civil society where people receive trusted, credible news. We will continue our mission. But we all must recognize this president as the “clear and present danger” that he is. Dictators typically attack both unions and a free press on their way to more heinous actions. On this day, Aug. 16, 2018, this union of journalists stands in solidarity with all who call out President Donald Trump for his deplorable attempts to weaken a free press and the FIRST Amendment.

Minneapolis hires firm to investigate how draft report on ketamine use was leaked – Guild supports petition to stop the investigation

The Star Tribune’s Andy Mannix broke a story about cops ordering emergency workers to sedate suspects with a powerful tranquilizer called Ketamine. This was done without their consent. The city has opted to hire a law firm at $275 an hour to investigate the leak. In fairness, the city also hired Sally Yates to investigate the use of the drug. See the attached story but also sign the petition against the investigation. 

Story is here:

Petition against the investigation is here:

Journalists at The Florida Times-Union vote union


July 19, 2018

Dean Olsen, NewsGuild organizing consultant, at (217) 836-1068 or

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — By a 2-to-1 margin, journalists at The Florida Times-Union voted Thursday to form a union, becoming only the third unionized newsroom staff in the Sunshine State. Continue reading “Journalists at The Florida Times-Union vote union”