Fight for $15 organizers win first contract!

Dec. 18, 2018Fast food organizers represented by United Media Guild Local of The NewsGuild-CWA ratified their first contract on Dec. 15.  The organizers are employed by the National Fast Food Workers Union, an affiliate of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union).

The three-year agreement includes raises, a signing bonus, and a generous benefits package, as well as “the usual staples of a good contract – grievance and arbitration language, progressive discipline, anti-discrimination language,” the United Media Guild announced. It also includes a stipend for those who use a second language in performance of their duties.

The agreement came after a year of bargaining. Approximately 50 organizers from seven regions were elected by their peers to negotiate on behalf of the workers. When talks stalled, discussions moved to the office of a federal mediator in Washington, DC.

“Through it all, I was impressed at how united our bargaining team members were and how well they kept their fellow workers engaged and informed,” said Guild Representative Shannon Duffy.

“This group of activists is changing the way Americans think about things like fairness and a living wage. The United Media Guild is proud to be associated with such a committed group of activists and such a noble cause.”

Photo: Fast food organizers celebrated their victory when they won union representation in November 2017.