Nominations Open for Dale Guild Service Award

June 26, 2017 – Nominations are now open for the Charles B. Dale Guild Service Award, TNG-CWA’s annual recognition of excellence in local leadership. Nominations must be received at NewsGuild headquarters by Friday, July 21, 2017, to be considered. 

Given annually for outstanding service to the Guild at the local union level, the award is open to local members who serve in an unpaid capacity as local officers or in other responsible local positions.

The award is considered a counterpart to the Guild’s Heywood Broun Award for journalistic achievement. Unlike the Broun Award, however, individuals may not nominate themselves for the Dale Award – they must be nominated by their local executive board or representative assembly or a general membership meeting.

“Every local should give serious consideration to nominating someone who has given outstanding service to the Guild at the local level – especially small locals,” said President Bernie Lunzer.

The award winner will receive a scholarship of up to $2,000 for a course in trade union education “appropriate to the winner.” Typically, there are no fees, or minimal ones, for short courses; in such cases, the scholarship is applied to the costs of room, meals and travel, plus lost time.

The AFL-CIO offers several labor courses each year at a residential training facility outside Baltimore, MD, but arrangements may also be made for the winner to attend other appropriate labor-education courses in his or her area when available. Note that “up to $2,000” means that the cost of instruction, room, meals, lost time, etc., will be covered by the scholarship. Costs that total less than $2,000 will not result in a stipend to the winner of the balance.

Judges will be selected from among TNG-CWA vice presidents.