Massachusetts Jobs with Justice Staff Joins the Greater Boston NewsGuild-CWA

June 27, 2017 – The staff of Jobs with Justice Massachusetts won union recognition on June 26, becoming the newest members of the Greater Boston NewsGuild-CWA Local 31032.

Members of the new unit said that being part of the NewsGuild is a natural extension of the principles that guide their work. “The staff of Jobs with Justice are committed to the principles of workplace democracy, and we know that unions are the best vehicle we have available to ensure that workplace democracy thrives.” said Lily Huang, an organizer.

Organizer Eric Bauer echoed Huang’s comments, saying, “As we advocate for unions for the workers of the Commonwealth, it is only right that we should embody our values in our own role as workers.”

In a mission statement, Jobs with Justice staffers said:

“We believe that unionizing our staff will help to foster a worker-centered culture in our organization, allowing for full participation in important conversations about the direction and execution of our work and an opportunity to continue to build the organization we all value so highly in an atmosphere of open dialogue.”

Management responded with a message supporting the group’s goals and granting voluntary recognition 90 minutes after receiving the staff’s petition. According to Eric Bauer, “This decisive action to grant our union voluntary recognition should be a model for other employers throughout Massachusetts and the country as a whole.”