Support the Staff of The Real News Network in Quest for Union Recognition

July 25, 2017 – Staff of The Real News Network is seeking support in their quest for voluntary recognition of their union, the Washington-Baltimore Local of the NewsGuild-CWA. The organizing effort continues a recent trend of unionization by workers in digital media. Click here to sign a petition to CEO Paul Jay.

The staff at the Baltimore-based progressive news organization is comprised of a diverse group of hosts, journalists, studio employees, and fundraisers who say they are “eagerly awaiting” a positive response from management as the first step toward negotiating a collective bargaining agreement.

The new members of Local 32035 said that being part of the Guild is a natural extension of the principles that guide their work.

In a mission statement, they wrote,

“We, the undersigned employees of The Real News Network living in the United States, are joining The NewsGuild-CWA, Local 32035, in an effort to strengthen our work and to help The Real News fulfill its mission.

“The Real News fills a vital role in the international, national, and local media landscape. As we face economic, climate, and political crises here and abroad, we feel it is particularly important to stand together and defend independent media.

“Our goal is to bring the Real News’ vision into focus by joining a larger community of other media professionals dedicated to protecting independent media and empowering ourselves as workers.

“We are a diverse and ambitious staff. By joining the Communications Workers of America, we will invigorate the work of the Real News Network by giving all employees a collective platform.  Formalizing our work culture will make us even more capable of, and empowered to, create Real News.

“In light of the strong majority of TRNN employees’ commitment to unionization, we request voluntary recognition by Aug. 4. We know that participation and membership in the union will facilitate constructive changes, and look forward to working together to further build The Real News Network’s legacy.”