Journalists at American Independent are forming a union

Journalists at the American Independent, a digital publication that covers issues of interest to progressives, announced they are unionizing on Sept. 2.

“Our industry is extremely rocky,” said Casey Quinlan, who covers LGBTQ issues for the organization. “We need to know that we have a tool to organize for ourselves.

“It’s important for workers to have a voice,” they added. “I’m very encouraged to see how many outlets have been organizing during this difficult time when we’re all exhausted and feeling burned out” by the pandemic. The group will become part of the Washington-Baltimore News Guild Local 32035.

With a majority of workers signing on to the effort, they asked management to voluntarily recognize the American Independent Union. Matt Fuerhrmeyer, president of the American Independent, tweeted in response, “I am so proud of the staff at @AmerIndependent. I’ve supported workers’ rights my entire career. I am reviewing the materials they sent me today, and hopefully will have more to say on partnership with staff soon.”

Staffers would like to have a say in how to expand their journalism and they want to formalize policies and basic benefits in a union contract, Quinlan said.

“We want them sketched out. We want to have consistent policies we can rely on.”

Follow the American Independent Union on Twitter @TheAmericanInd2.