After an 8-month battle, workers at Wired win union recognition

Eight months after they announced they were unionizing, the workers at Wired have wrestled recognition of their union from management.

“Well, today is a huge day for @wiredunion,” they tweeted on Dec. 18. “Eight months (!!!!!) after forming our union, we’re finally an officially certified @nyguild unit.”

But, they noted, Condé Nast, which owns Wired, is trying to exclude nearly 20 of their colleagues – those who write reviews and those who are on the audience development team – from the unit. They comprise about one-third of the ranks of editorial employees.  

Workers insist they belong in the union and vowed to continue the fight. “We’re as committed as ever to building a workplace rooted in transparency, diversity, and fairness,” they wrote.

In September, they held a half-day work stoppage to protest Condé Nast’s “inexcusable delays” in granting recognition and “their attempts to bust our union by carving out multiple groups of Wired editorial staff from our bargaining unit.”

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