Ten days later, staffers of AccessMatters win union recognition

Just 10 days after the employees of AccessMatters announced they were organizing, they won voluntary recognition of their union from management of the nonprofit.

“Sun in the sky, snow on the ground, and labor rights in the air??? It’s a beautiful day in Philly, y’all: AccessMatters Union has been officially recognized by management,” they tweeted on Thursday.

“Next stop? The bargaining table!”

There was little doubt the workers would prevail – through voluntary recognition by management or a formal voted supervised by the National Labor Relations Board, if necessary.

Throughout the 10 days, they maintained a robust Twitter feed, explaining that they were organizing themselves to assert their own workplace rights and to better serve their clients. The Philadelphia-based nonprofit provides sexual and reproductive health care services to marginalized populations across Pennsylvania.

In one of several employee testimonials the group posted, Sophie, a health resources specialist, said she was unionizing to “create a working environment in which our care for the communities we serve is sustainable and empowered!”

Mariana, also a health resources specialist, tweeted, “There’s something beautiful about collective power. We are transparent, tolerant and trusting. We are working towards a more supportive, empathetic and united environment so we can show up better for our clients each and every day.”

The workers immediately sought – and won – backing from the community, garnering hundreds of signatures on a petition supporting their union drive, including from two members of Philadelphia’s city council and a state senator.

They’re thrilled with their victory and raring to go!

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