Mic Union to Management: We Are Watching

This is a reprint of an article published on the website of, on The NewsGuild of New York, Local 31003 of The NewsGuild-CWA on Jan. 18.

Jan. 22, 2019 – It’s been over a month since Mic and Bustle Digital Group (BDG) abruptly laid off more than 100 hardworking reporters, editors, filmmakers, graphic artists and support staff. Mic’s sudden shutdown confirmed our long-held suspicions that management had been repeatedly and consistently misleading employees, investors, and the public, when asked about the company’s financial state, the surety of deals with distributed media platforms, and other factors that culminated in the company’s closure.

Since Mic’s closure, it’s become apparent that Mic and Bustle management are in cahoots, repurposing and posting unfinished content produced by laid-off, unionized workers, often without their consent. This past Friday evening, five weeks after the closure of our newsroom, BDG began quietly posting “content” on Mic.com. Continue reading “Mic Union to Management: We Are Watching”