Staff of Jewish Voices for Peace win union recognition

Aug. 12, 2020 – Staffers of Jewish Voices for Peace voted unanimously to unionize and were granted immediate recognition of their union by JVP’s leadership, the newly minted union members announced Aug. 6.

They employees of the social justice organization will become members of the Washington-Baltimore Local 32035 of the NewsGuild-CWA, which helped them organize.

In announcing the formation of the union, workers wrote, “We are devoted to the work of JVP, which for many years has been a prominent voice within the Jewish Left and the Palestine solidarity movement. Unionizing our workplace aligns with JVP’s progressive values and helps ensure that staff have the equity, capacity, and autonomy that we need to enact them.

“The effort to unionize was led by both Palestinian and Jewish staff of color, who view this victory as part of a broader racial justice transformation process within the organization,” they wrote.

Staffers said they were inspired to organize by both Jewish and Palestinian labor history and “to make our ancestors proud and improve our material conditions.”

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