Newsletter: Reviewed Workers Strike; Sun Sentinel Journalists Organize

Workers at Reviewed – a Gannett publication – are back on the digital picket line today after the Fourth of July holiday. The Reviewed Union struck earlier this week, citing the need for fair wages and a management’s status quo violation.

For the duration of bargaining, management has insisted on a proposal that would cut pay and writers and editors have been asked to take on additional duties, which is an illegal change to their working conditions.

“Gannett has consistently come to the table with bad-faith offers, while forcing all of us to do the job of multiple people for the same pay. As of the last month, they want us to do work outside of our job descriptions, with no associated pay increases. We’re fed up. We’re going on strike until Monday to send Gannett a message: Until you pay us what we deserve, it’s no longer business as usual,” said Madison Durham, a senior staff writer.

To help support us during the strike, please share and donate to the Reviewed Union strike fund so members can continue fighting for fair wages.

The journalists at the South Florida Sun Sentinel announced this week they are forming a union to defend the future of their newsroom and South Florida’s access to quality local journalism. An overwhelming majority of Sun Sentinel journalists, 88%, signed cards in favor of unionizing. The workers have demanded voluntary recognition by the owner, Tribune Media, which is owned by hedge fund Alden Global Capital. 

The last two decades have been difficult for journalism in general, and for Sun Sentinel staffers in particular. They have seen staff levels razed and salaries and benefits cut. With diminishing resources, they pulled together and provided the region and the nation with Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the slaughter of 17 students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland in 2018. They continue to win awards and earn national praise for their reporting. 

The workers organized at a rapid pace just one month after eight Tribune-owned publications ratified historic agreements

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IAPE members voted by an overwhelming margin to approve a new four-year contract with Dow Jones & Company! Nearly 81% of eligible IAPE voters cast a ballot during the ratification process, a new record-high turnout for the union.

Over a year-long period, IAPE members mobilized and marched, packed virtual open bargaining rooms and pledged to walk out, painted picket signs and scribbled on post-it notes, and pushed management to a contract that includes: above-inflation wages, better healthcare coverage, some AI protections, and extra severance when jobs are cut as a result of new technology, among other benefits.

Their industry-leading contract shows what is possible when members organize to show the power of a dissatisfied and mobilized workforce.

Our Pittsburgh strikers are shipping out their new shirts — be sure to get one before they’re gone! You can nab one for yourself with a $20 donation to the strikers.