Grist Union members seek voluntary recognition from management

Journalists at Grist, a nonprofit independent media outlet dedicated to telling stories about climate solutions and a just future, announced today that they are unionizing with the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild Local 37082. They are asking leadership of the organization to voluntarily recognize their union.

“In recent years, the organization has made enormous strides in terms of culture, compensation, benefits, and diversity and inclusion,” workers said in a Mission Statement they sent to management on Feb. 9. “We are excited to take a seat at the table to protect these important gains and continue to build Grist into a stronger and more equitable organization.”

The proposed bargaining unit consists of about 40 members, including journalists, designers, editors, business development professionals, and audience engagement staff.

“Listening and sharing power with workers is integral to maintaining a strong news organization,” said Gabe Schneider, who handles external partnerships for the organization. “Grist can cement its place as an example in public media by recognizing our union.”

CEO Brady Piñero Walkinshaw and interim CEO Nikhil Swaminathan, have publicly stated they would support workers if they chose to unionize.

Grist joins a wave of newly unionized news publications, as thousands of workers in the industry have announced their organizing efforts in recent years. More than 2,100 workers organized with the NewsGuild-CWA in 2021—a record for the union.

Workers at Grist say the organization has already made promising investments in its workers, including improvements in pay equity and additional paid leave granted in December. In its mission statement, workers called for a greater voice in those decisions.

“All Grist employees deserve a seat at the table in ensuring we have strong workplace protections and benefits,” said Clayton Aldern, a senior data reporter and organizer at Grist. “We’re eager to work with the company to secure a contract that honors the formidable work of covering the climate crisis.”

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