Crosscut workers ratify first contract

Members of the Crosscut Union, representing workers at Crosscut and KCTS9, nonprofit news outlets based in the Northwest, voted overwhelmingly to ratify their first contract with Cascade Public Media on Nov. 30.

“This contract – and the hard work it took us to get here – is something to be immensely proud of,” union members said.

Highlights of the agreement include:

  • The Rooney Rule, which requires management to extend interviews to candidates from underrepresented groups. “This is a big deal. We hope it will help set an industry standard that will impact our newsroom and other newsrooms for years to come,” workers wrote in announcing the deal.
  • Protection for parents against discrimination. An employee’s parental status cannot be considered in assignments, work, transfers, promotion or other opportunities.
  • A salary schedule that improves pay equity and transparency.
  • A paid time off system that gives staff more flexibility.
  • Other provisions that will empower employees, including a powerful grievance procedure, anti-harassment rules and a joint guild-management committee to ensure workers get more say in their work.

“This is a strong contract that offers much-needed protections for Crosscut workers while setting strong standards for the treatment of journalists at large,” workers said.

They are part of Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild. Follow them on Twitter @Crosscut_Union.

Photo: Staffers celebrate their unanimous vote to unionize in December 2019.