New Jersey Communities United Organizing Staff Petition to Join NewsGuild-CWA


Contact:  Rebecca Mahabir
Kyle Turley

Newark, New Jersey, May 14 – Organizing staff at New Jersey Communities United, a grassroots organization that builds power for working-class communities and communities of color, have asked management of the organization to voluntarily recognize their union, The NewsGuild-CWA. They will become members of the Washington-Baltimore Local.

The group eagerly awaits a positive response from the leadership organization as the first step toward negotiating a collective bargaining agreement.

“We feel that we must embody the values that guide our vital work. We know that unions are the best tool workers have to achieve democracy, accountability, and dignity in their workplaces, and are ready to put that tool to use here, at New Jersey Communities United,” said Rebecca Mahabir, an NJCU Organizer.

Organizer Kyle Turley agreed. “In order to foster a culture of sustainability within this organization to which we dedicate so much of our ourselves, we intend to participate in discussions and decisions regarding the direction and growth of NJCU which means so much to each of us,” he said.

In a mission statement, NJCU staffers explained why unionizing is a natural extension of the principles that guide their work:

“New Jersey Communities United is a grassroots organization that builds power in working-class

communities across New Jersey. We believe in leveraging our collective power to hold elected officials and corporations accountable for protecting our schools, homes and health. We also advocate that this power be used to improve our working and living conditions. Union and labor values are at the core of our work.”


The NewsGuild-CWA represents approximately 20,000 journalists and other communications professionals in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Washington-Baltimore NewsGuild represents approximately 3,000 workers at 26 workplaces in the metropolitan DC & Baltimore areas.