Guild Reporter

2013 Freedom Fund Awards: Inspiring Teens, Masterful Pros

The annual Freedom Fund Awards ceremony began as so many meetings of journalists do these days, acknowledging what difficult times these are for the industry. And yet, Guild President Bernie Lunzer said, “incredible journalism is still happening.” Two promising students and six gifted professionals were honored at this fall's ceremony. And many more were worthy, judges said. “All of us got this huge box that we could hardly lift filled with entries,” said Reuters journalist Deb Zabarenko, a past Guild Executive Council member who chaired the Heywood Broun Award judging panel. “I thought, ‘How are we ever going to get through this?’” she said. “Then we opened it up and it was more like a holiday package. Every one of them, whether an award winner or not, was worth reading, was worth thinking about.”

Pete Seeger: 'Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People'

Pete Seeger's surprise visit to the Guild's district council meeting in Buffalo in November featured his a capella version of 'Newspapermen Meet Such Interesting People,' written around 1947 by reporter and folk singer Vern Partlow. You can find recordings by both men on YouTube and other websites. Click here for the lyrics. We'll give away the ending: 

Ting-a-ling-a-ling, Newspaper Guild,
We got a free new world to build;
Meet the people, that’s a thrill,
All together, fits the bill.
Oh, a newspaperman meets such interesting people;
It’s wonderful to represent the guild.

David Mulcahy: A Conservative Who Loved His Union

Honest to a fault. Opinionated but usually right. Cantankerous but kind. Irascible but respectful. A Republican who fought for workers’ rights. A smart, sharp, funny big kid at heart who loved Oreos and wore red slippers at work. To put it mildly, say those who knew and loved him, David Mulcahy was a character. “We used to tease that, ‘When God made you, he broke the mold,’” said his close friend and Standard & Poor’s colleague Lurea (Lori) Van Horne-Caloia. “He was a class act, he really was.” The career journalist and former vice president at-large of the Guild died at age 90 on Oct. 2 at his Newtown, Pa., home. His wife, Lois, “my bride,” as he called her for nearly 56 years, was at his side.

After 40 Years with Guild, It's -30- for Rothman

Carol Rothman has dedicated 40 years to making the workplace fairer, paychecks bigger and life itself better for countless union members. Now she’s looking forward to one of the benefits she wants all workers to enjoy: Free time. Family time. Balance. “I hope everyone recognizes when the time comes to leave a job, even a job you love, and give yourself some time to enjoy life,” Rothman says. As the Guild’s secretary-treasurer since 2008, and decades in Guild leadership roles, friends and colleagues say Rothman has earned her retirement. “She’s just a hell of a good representative for working people," friend and former colleague Larry Hatfield says. Photo: Rothman being sworn in as a Guild board member.