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Journalists of The Hill vote union

Journalists of The Hill, a Washington-based political publication, voted 45-18 to unionize as The Hill Guild in voting that was tabulated on Wednesday. The victory continues a surge in union organizing among journalists and other media workers.

“I’m excited. It hasn’t sunk in yet,” technology reporter Chris Rodrigo said after the votes were counted.

“It was a long process that began in April of last year,” Rodrigo said. “It was a lot of getting in touch with people, finding out their concerns, and talking with them about how a union can help with those concerns.”

The unit of about 100 staff writers, designers, video producers, members of the social media and events teams and The Hill TV now officially join the Washington-Baltimore News Guild Local 32035.

Workers want to improve diversity in the newsroom, Rodrigo said, and they want to work on improving benefits to keep people at The Hill.

There has also been a lot of trouble with healthcare coverage, he said, after the previous owner changed coverage. Now people are concerned about protecting abortion rights, securing gender-affirming care and lowering high prescription fees.

Rodrigo was part of the Organizing Committee, which conducted consistent outreach to their coworkers, and organized weekly zoom meetings.

“I’m excited for what the Hill can become with a union in terms of improving conditions and making a more equitable space with and better standards that let’s everyone thrive and focus on their work,” he said.

“We’re excited to start bargaining. We hope The Hill accepts our victory and begins to negotiate in good faith.”

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