Interpreters and Translators

The interpreter and translator professions are not new, yet inconsistent industry standards have been developed by those who employ us to determine the best skill level for the work that we do. Since 1981, as NewsGuild members, we have fought to raise the standards for our work.

We need to be able to provide the best possible services to our clients. We do that through sustainable and healthy working conditions and also through consistent and fair pay. Many interpreters have experienced unstable scheduling, late payment, and even layoffs to avoid raises. Interpreters and translators need enforceable certification standards, as well as a voice at the table with employers. As NewsGuild members, we work to achieve both of these goals. As the industry grows and changes with new and emerging technologies, we will work together to ensure standards do not get eroded.

As interpreters, we bring an important voice for deaf and low English proficiency individuals. Through The NewsGuild, we, too, can have an important voice with those who employ our services.

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