Full-time faculty at Point Park University ratifies new contract

In a unanimous 72-0 vote, full-time faculty at Point Park University ratified a new three-year collective bargaining agreement (CBA) on Nov. 10. They are part of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh Local 38061.

Key provisions of the three-year agreement include annual salary increases of 3.5%-4.25% percent; increases in the minimum salaries for all full-time faculty positions, with lecturers’ minimum salaries increasing by 12-15% this academic year, and four weeks of parental leave with 100% pay, with parents who give birth continuing to be eligible for short-term disability beyond four weeks if they are unable to work. Pay increases will be retroactive to the start of the fall semester. 

The agreement also gives faculty a greater role in shared governance at the university, as well as more input into health and safety matters.

“This is a good deal for Point Park University; it improves significant elements of our full-time faculty’s compensation and working conditions, and provides an important measure of stability to those who continue to labor mightily to help the institution adjust to the difficult circumstances resulting from COVID-19,” said full-time faculty union chair J. Dwight Hines.

“We now call upon the administration to rescind the austerity that was visited upon the University’s staff under the guise of the pandemic and to extend similar benefits, especially retirement and parental leave, to our colleagues.

The union bargaining committee negotiated with university administration 25 times between June, when the previous agreement expired, and Oct. 1, when the tentative agreement was reached.

“The faculty union’s bargaining team worked very hard these last few months to reach this agreement,” said Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh President Lacretia Wimbley.

“I say this often, but I couldn’t be more proud,” she said. “Faculty union members, along with all the passionate students, allies and supporters, have truly exemplified what it means to stand in solidarity in the fight to be recognized, valued and respected by the administration. 

“This CBA proves what can happen when you stand together and refuse to relent. Hats off to the administration for working with us to accomplish this.”

Photo at top: Full-time faculty rally on campus for a fair contract to the streets on Oct. 26.