Sightline Media Union Wins Election

Journalists at Defense News, Military Times, Federal Times, and C4SRNet this week voted to form a union the Sightline Media Union with the Washington-Baltimore News Guild Local 32035.

The Sightline Media Union announced its campaign to form a union in early April. After management failed to voluntarily recognize the union, workers voted overwhelmingly in favor of unionization on June 3, bringing journalists one step closer to protecting their colleagues and better serving their readers.

“We have dedicated our careers to covering U.S. troops, their families, veterans and the policies and technology that affect them,” said the Sightline Media Union organizing committee in a statement last April. “We wish to continue serving our readers to provide fair and accurate journalism that both informs and entertains. That is why, for the first time in the decades since we’ve first published, we decided to unionize […] We want our newsroom and colleagues to succeed. This, we believe, is how we guarantee our future.”