New Local Officers Seminar Set for March 2-5

March 2-5, 2018

New Local Officers Seminar
692 Maritime Boulevard
Linthicum Heights MD 21090
(Near Baltimore)

Registration Form

The seminar is open to all new officers and those who are new to local leadership positions. Over the years, it has proven an invaluable experience, providing a “nuts and bolts” primer on the basic tools new Guild leaders will need to begin functioning effectively. The seminar is especially important for new local presidents and treasurers, who share much of the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of their locals.

Presented by national officers and staff, the seminar gives new local leaders an opportunity to meet their colleagues who are doing Guild work in other cities, learn from their experiences, and develop valuable relationships.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Recruiting new members
  • Organizing new shops
  • Bargaining contracts and activating the members
  • Local administration
  • Movement building

Although the event is designed for new officers and leaders of small and mid-sized locals, leaders of large locals are also welcome when space is available. Subsidies are available to defray the cost of participation for leaders of locals that do not have full-time staff.

The seminar is conducted at the Conference Center of the Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS).

Registration for the seminar includes instructional materials, a private guest room, meals and snacks, beginning with dinner on Friday and concluding with lunch on Monday. Amenities at the center include wireless internet, access to the indoor pool, fitness center and game room.

Generations of Guild activists have found this seminar to be a valuable investment of time and money and the union’s Executive Council continues to prioritize it as our best tool for leadership development.

Room and Board

TNG-CWA will subsidize the cost for one participant from locals without professional staff by paying half of the registration fee for a single room. The subsidy is available for only one participant per local. Second participants are welcome, but the local must pay the full rate.

TNG-CWA also makes the 50% subsidy available to locals for participants who enhance the diversity of the participant group. Again, only one subsidy is available per local.

Please see the attached registration form for detailed pricing information.

Check-in is between 3-6 on Friday afternoon and check out is 11 on Monday morning. Additional information on meeting and meal times is provided at check-in. The seminar kicks off at 7 on Friday evening.


Participants who fly should use Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) and take MITAG’s complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport. Those who drive will find free parking at the Institute.

TNG-CWA will subsidize air travel based on the lowest available coach fares to BWI. Discount airlines Southwest and AirTran both provide service to BWI and participants are encouraged to check those options. The Guild will also reimburse for parking charges at the home airport, with receipts.

Airline subsidies vary based on the size and location of each local, according to to the chart below:

Participants are encouraged to use MITAG’s free shuttle to and from BWI airport and BWI Rail Station. Because there is free shuttle service, TNG does not reimburse cabs or shared ride services for this event.

Participants from locals without professional staff who drive to MITAGs will be reimbursed at the IRS standard rate, currently .535 cents per mile.

The Guild does not reimburse for or subsidize lost wages.

Reimbursement Information

Participants should plan to stay for the full Friday through Monday seminar. Locals will not receive any subsidies for participants who leave before the seminar is over. The seminar runs until noon on Monday, so it’s reasonable to expect to be able to catch a flight out of BWI any time after 2 pm. Lunch on Monday is included with the registration fee so participants are welcome (but not required) to stay for lunch.

The Guild does not reimburse for or subsidize lost wages.

Important: Subsidy forms will be distributed at the seminar. The Guild will issue reimbursement to subsidized locals only after it has received the completed form and all associated receipts. Participants must submit all transportation receipts (e.g., airline, parking, etc.) or provide actual round-trip automobile odometer readings to be reimbursed those expenses.

Commuters and Guests

Locals sponsoring participants who commute each day will incur a charge of $246 for the weekend, to cover lunches and meeting fees.

Guests sharing a room with a participant are welcome at the Center. A $150 charge covers all meals from Friday’s dinner through Monday’s lunch.

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