IGN Creators Guild win voluntary recognition, celebrate with Twitch stream

A supermajority of editorial and creative workers at IGN signed union cards and launched their campaign on February 6. Just two weeks later, Ziff Davis management voluntarily recognized them after more than 5,700 supporters signed a petition demanding recognition.

To celebrate, members of the IGN Creators Guild organizing committee will board the battle bus and join NewsGuild-CWA President Jon Schleuss for an evening of Fortnite and unions, discussing how they organized and what’s next now that they’ve won voluntary recognition. And we’ll bring it all home by answering your questions about unionization live.

Join the livestream on Monday, Feb. 26 at 8 PM ET at twitch.tv/newsguildcwa/ to celebrate their voluntary recognition and learn a little more about what unions can do for all of us in the tech, video game, and journalism industry!