Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & Bits: Sarasota

Sarasota MOA

Members of the Sarasota Guild unit of CWA Local 3108 ratified a Memorandum of Agreement covering the implementation of layoffs in February after management at the Herald-Tribune opened contract negotiations by declaring its intention to reduce the newsroom workforce the following week. The parties negotiated an agreement that reduced the number of layoffs, added two weeks of “notice pay” to severance pay, and provided a one-year rehire list. Continue reading “Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & Bits: Sarasota”

Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Philadelphia

Philadelphia Contract

Just a week after rejecting the Philadelphia Media Network’s “final” contract offer by a vote of more than 2 to 1, in April members of the Philadelphia Newspaper Guild approved a revised proposal resulting in a three-year contract. Continue reading “Bargaining & Settlements – Bytes & bits: Philadelphia”

Bytes & bits: People’s World, Chicago AFT Staff Unionize

People’s World Turns

The 10-member staff of the People’s World joined the Chicago Newspaper Guild after winning voluntary recognition on Feb. 8.

Chicago AFT: Smart

The Chicago staff of the American Federation of Teachers won voluntary recognition for a unit of five workers at the union’s Chicago regional office.

Retirees: Protecting Our Futures — We are Older AND Bolder

By Myra Kreiman

I had been given a month’s grace past the “leave by” date after taking a buyout, to see current contract negotiations through to conclusion. The party was over, arranged for me by a longtime friend and colleague at her duplex near the Hudson Street digs of Newsweek magazine, then owned by The Washington Post Company. Celebrating with me were co-workers, editors, reporters and writers I had worked with and advocated for as unit chair of our union. Continue reading “Retirees: Protecting Our Futures — We are Older AND Bolder”