Our Members

With an uncompromising dedication to open and democratic leadership, members set the agenda for The NewsGuild-CWA, setting standards to create better workplaces. NewsGuild members literally have a seat at the table in negotiations with employers. Members elect leaders and vote directly on negotiated agreements.

THE NEWSGUILD-CWA has its genesis as a print journalists’ union and has grown to become the premier media union in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Journalism is undergoing a rapid change in form, distribution, and financial stability, moving a once steady career path to one of great uncertainty of consistent employment. Through good times and bad, NewsGuild members fight for quality and ethics in media industry.

The NewsGuild represents more than 24,000 journalists and other media workers in news organizations. Members include reporters, columnists, copy editors, photojournalists, graphic designers, editorial cartoonists and others. Additionally, the Guild represents workers in advertising, circulation, business offices and other departments essential to the operations of media enterprises.

With more than 200 agreements negotiated collectively with management, The NewsGuild has grown to represent much more than journalists. The NewsGuild represents media workers in print, online, broadcast; spoken-language and sign-language interpreters and translators; social justice workers; and non profit and public sector professionals.

A vital part of NewsGuild’s mission is as a strong, international voice for freedom of the press, free speech and the freedom and safety of journalists around the world. Members work at newspapers, magazines, news services, digital news and in broadcast.