NewsGuild-CWA renews call to protect journalists abroad and at home as Israel-Hamas War continues

On November 9, The NewsGuild-CWA condemned the killing of 39 journalists and media workers in the Israel-Hamas War. Since that time, roughly 20 more have been killed and many others have been injured, harassed and detained. As stated by the Committee to Protect Journalists, this has been the deadliest month for journalists since they started gathering data in 1992. 

The nearly 60 known dead include 50 Palestinians, four Israelis and three Lebanese. Many currently reporting from Gaza have lost homes and family, and are reporting without regular access to phones, internet, shelter or power.

The NewsGuild-CWA demands a renewed effort be made to abide by all terms of the Geneva Conventions, which includes the safeguarding of non-combatants, such as journalists reporting from Gaza.

We also urge the public and our members to contribute to the International Federation of Journalists Safety Fund. This fund has been a lifeline for journalists around the world who face grave dangers. The NewsGuild-CWA has previously donated to support journalists in other conflicts, including Afghanistan. We do so once again and urge others to similarly support the fund, which is currently providing journalists in Gaza everything from first aid kits and battery packs to shelter and personal safety gear. 

Finally, since the Guild issued its last statement, we have been disturbed to learn of Guild members who have been punished or threatened with punishment for signing statements in response to the killing of journalists and others in Gaza. This has led to the sidelining and silencing of diverse voices and perspectives needed during times of crisis. 

Journalists have a duty to minimize harm while they seek truth and report it. Those who are covering the impact of the Israel-Hamas War in North America and the Middle East should not have to fear for their livelihoods or safety as they continue to do their work. We remain focused on keeping them from further harm.

The NewsGuild-CWA Executive Council has received emails and calls from members from a broad range of our membership. Most of our 26,000 members are journalists and media workers, but about 16% of the Guild’s members are workers in other areas, such as nonprofits, interpretation services and other labor organizations.

All of us share the anguish and concern for our siblings abroad, and our colleagues closer to home. The toll of this war has been incalculable. The NewsGuild-CWA continues to hope for a peaceful resolution. But during a time that has bred so much division and dissent, we reaffirm our advocacy to protect those who shine a light in darkness.