I’m running on my record. I’m running on my experience. I’m proud of the work I’ve done with The NewsGuild-CWA, helping to build one of the few unions in America that’s growing. I’m proud of how democratic we are, and bottom-up. And I’m proud that the union I’ve led for the past decade is one that’s moving forward. I believe my record demonstrates that I deserve your support for re-election as President of the Guild.

We’re at the forefront of a number of crucial fights right now. A fight to preserve collective bargaining. A fight to defend the First Amendment. A fight for a more transparent society. Joining with others in the labor movement, this is a fight for justice for all workers.

These fights need leaders who have the skill to handle complicated issues. My history makes me the candidate with the knowledge and expertise to meet these challenges. The president’s responsibilities involve members’ lives and livelihoods. It’s too important to be left to on-the-job training.

During my time leading TNG, I’ve fostered a member-driven culture that’s prompted an era of historic organizing. More than 60 new units have organized during the past four years of my presidency, adding about 3,000 potential members to TNG’s ranks. Over half have first contracts.

That didn’t just happen. Throughout my presidency, I have worked hard to develop and sustain an organizing culture across the Guild.

Workers organize themselves, but the union provides the resources to make that happen. Over the past four years, we have secured more than $3 million in funds for organizing and mobilizing projects. We have hired five staff members to focus exclusively on organizing.

And organizing is just the start – we also face continuing struggles to secure solid contracts and an ongoing role for the union in our workplaces.

Our collective power is evident, but I know that we can do more. We are all angry about stagnant wages and employers’ continuing drive for concessions. That’s why I’ve pioneered new bargaining techniques for the Guild, such as chain bargaining with GateHouse, Tribune and Digital First Media. I have dedicated our staff to these efforts and worked to get funding to make those methods possible.

Activists like me have raised hell for years, agitating for change and recruiting other people to join the cause. Our newest members share that spirit and are demanding a fair workplace and a just society. We won’t take no for an answer. Together we’ll succeed.

My experience as a unit officer, local staff person and national officer give me the solid foundation that’s required to understand the challenges facing the Guild. That depth of experience makes me the best choice to help our locals build on the successes we have achieved.

When you compare the candidates – our records, knowledge and experience – you will see I am the solid choice to continue to lead the Guild. I request your support.  Vote Bernie Lunzer for Guild President so we can keep buildingtheguild.org.