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Congress Must Protect 1st Amendment by Passing Shield Law

A federal shield law is needed now more than ever, but a bill to pass one, the Free Flow of Information Act, has been withering in Congress since 2007. But the Guild, SPJ and dozens of other organizations are turning up the heat, as journalists are being subpoened and even threatened with jail for doing their jobs, most notably New York Times reporter and Guild member James Risen. Part of the problem in passing a bill is defining who exactly is a journalist. No one questions that Risen is. But do freelancers and bloggers get the same protections? Right now it's a legal quagmire. Illustration courtesy of

NY Times' Risen Vows to Continue Fight to Protect Source

Lena Williams, a retired New York Times reporter and Guild leader who will be helping the Guild cover press freedom issues, follows up on the news yesterday that the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Times' reporter James Risen. The appeal sought to stop the federal government from forcing Risen to reveal a source. Risen faces jail if he refuses, which he says he will continue to do. Having exhausted his legal appeals, the Justice Department is now Risen’s court of last resort., Williams writes. The hope is that the DOJ will listen to the judicial reasoning of Judge Roger Gregory who disagreed with the Fourth Circuit on Risen’s case, writing: “The majority exalts the interests of the government, while unduly trampling those of the press, and in doing so, severely impinges on the press and the free flow of information in our society.”

Busy Multi-Council Meeting Keeps Members on Their Toes

Sixty-two Guild members from across the country, from union veterans to and brand-new local officers, convened in Orlando last weekend for a busy agenda of workshops and presentations, from training on bargaining under the Affordable Care Act to a discussions about activism as Guild members, stopping  workplace bullying, growing the Guild and much more. Based on his own and members' reviews, "I think it was a huge success," Guild President Bernie Lunzer said. 

Join Us in April for Guild's Multi-Council Meeting

(UPDATED March 10 with overlow hotel information.) Learn, network and brainstorm at the Guild's 2014 Multi-Council meeting near Orlando, April 11-13. We'll explore the Guild's new growth fund, exchange plans and ideas for making our locals, our union and our movement as strong as possible, and we'll learn new bargaining strategies -- such as negotiating health care under the Affordable Care Act. We're looking forward to seeing you there! Story updated March 10, 2014, with overflow hotel information.

Fed Up and Pumped Up: Rallying for Fairness in Manchester

Manchester Newspaper Guild members and allies turned out in force Sunday morning to show Union Leader Publisher Joe McQuaid that his callous contract “final offer” is beneath contempt. About 60 picketers, 40 of them Guild members, marched and leafleted out side the newspaper’s annual sports banquet at the Radisson Center of New Hampshire in downtown Manchester. “It was awesome,” local President Norm Welsh said. “I’m not sure we’ve ever had a better turnout, even when we had twice the membership. We know we got the publisher’s attention." Check out campaign's "Where's the Fairness?" website.

Secretary-Treasurer Carol Rothman to Retire at Year’s End

Lunzer: ‘It's Hard to Imagine Doing This Work Without Her’

Carol Rothman, secretary-treasurer of The Newspaper Guild-CWA since 2008, announced today that she will retire at the end of 2013. “Carol has brought reason, balance and conviction to her position. It is hard for me to imagine doing this work without her,” Guild President Bernie Lunzer said. Photo: Rothman at the Guild's booth at the 2013 Free Press conference in Denver.

The Highs and Lows of a Civil Disobedience Arrest

Guild President Lunzer Takes a Stand for Immigration Reform 

Being handcuffed and marched away by police officers as fellow activists applaud your principles is the high point of an act of civil disobedience. After that, as TNG-CWA President Bernie Lunzer learned at an immigration reform rally this week, “it’s tougher than you think.” But he's still glad he did it.  "The rally and civil disobedience was about deciding what kind of country we choose to be,” he said. “Will we be a country that lives off the back of immigrant labor while prohibiting them from full participation as citizens? Or, will we do the right thing and create citizenship for these immigrants, the kind that our immigrant ancestors enjoyed?"

20,000 Rally on National Mall for Immigration Reform

Guild President Bernie Lunzer among 200 Activists Arrested 

CWA and other unions joined with a crowd of 20,000 activists rallying and marching on the National Mall on Tuesday in the fight for immigration reform with a path to citizenship. Outside the U.S. Capitol, 200 took part in a civil disobedience sit-in and were arrested, including Guild President Bernie Lunzer, CWA Secretary-Treasurer Annie Hill and CWA Senior Director Yvette Herrera. Rep. John Lewis, a veteran of the civil rights movement, was also arrested, along with seven other Democratic members of Congress.

Vulnerable Children Theme of 2012 Heywood Broun Winners

The world’s most vulnerable children became the unexpected theme of 2012 Heywood Broun Awards, with the top honor going to Rod Nordland of the New York Times for his series, “Kabul’s Killing Freezes.” “The quality of the journalism in the 59 entries reviewed by the committee was nothing short of superlative,” the Broun judges said in a statement. “That the field was so rich at a time of such tight newsroom budgets is a testament to reporters’ passion to tell a story well.” Two entries, also focusing on vulnerable children, tied for a Broun “Award of Distinction.” They are “The Shame of the Boy Scouts” by Jason Felch and Kim Christensen of The Los Angeles Times and “Empty Desk Epidemic” by David Jackson and Gary Marx of the Chicago Tribune. Photo: The judging panel at work July 18 at Guild headquarters.